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Santa Clarita Veterans Center

19 JULY 2017

The Santa Clarita Veteran Services Center has opened it's doors to serve the entire Santa Clarita Valley veteran population. Active military, and families of veterans are welcome to partake of the myriad of activities to be enjoyed here. The center is located within the Los Angeles County Community Center, and its facilities are available to all.

Drop in and find out what awaits you. We have a referral desk for those needing assistance with various problems. Also, The County provides a children's playroom to keep youngsters busy while mom and dad transact business. Computers are available as is Wi-Fi. Meeting rooms, leisure spots, reading material, games, and perhaps most compelling of all, there's a refreshment area with complimentary coffee and tea as well as an assortment of "goodies" provided by the Collaboration.  

WE'RE EASY TO FIND ....26111 BOUQUET CANYON ROAD, IN  THE SANTA CLARITA PLAZA, BUILDINGS G AND H.  NEXT TO IHOP.   Make your day by dropping in to find other veterans with whom you may be able to chat and develop friendships. embarassedwink